Response and Relief for GAZA
Response & Relief for Gaza
Immediate Response Needed

Recent escalations in Palestine have led to the deaths of thousands of people and thousands more are injured, and families are in dire need of support. Hospitals, mosques, water sources, and homes have been mercilessly targeted, leaving entire communities in ruins. The escalating situation in Gaza is causing an increasing number of injuries which is filling local hospitals. 

We are working with our on-ground partners (UMR, Pious Project, Rahma Worldwide, PalTSD, and Medglobal ) in Gaza to provide hospitals with much needed medical supplies and aid.

Our team and partners are currently stationed at the Rafah border, fully prepared to initiate aid delivery promptly as soon as we are allowed entry.

Our Response

1. Emergency Kits: These kits contain essentials like blankets, clothing, hygiene items, offering a lifeline to those who have lost everything.

2. Emergency Medical Supplies: Hospitals and medical facilities in Gaza are overwhelmed. We are stepping in with crucial medical supplies and support to save lives in this time of crisis.

3. Fuel: During these challenging conditions and the need for consistent power to run essential medical equipment, we are working on providing the major hospitals with fuel.

Emergency Kit-100$
Fuels for Hospital-500$
Emergency Medical Supplies-1000$
Emergency Kit100$
Fuel for Hospitals500$
Emergency Medical Supplies1000$
Our Efforts on the Ground
  • 8 deliveries and distribution of life-saving medical and surgical supplies
  • 500 Daily meals to doctors and nurses 
  • 500 Daily meals to displaced families
  • 63,000 liters of diesel fuel for electric generators in 11 hospitals