Relief for Gaza
Our Response

Our team in the Gaza Strip is on a mission to provide food aid to the displaced families in Gaza. Your support is crucial in making a minor difference in their harsh conditions.

How You Can Help

$200 Bread:  distribute bread to 50 families daily.

$55 for Daily Hot Meals for 1 Family of 5 People: Provide a warm, hearty meal to a deserving family.

$65 – A hygiene kit for a family of 5, including essential personal hygiene supplies.

$60 – Clean Water distributes drinking clean water to 50 families daily.

$450  – Providing 7000 liters of fresh water to a medical center.


This Humanitarian Response is

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  • 63,000 liters of diesel fuel for electric generators in 11 hospitals
  • 8 deliveries and distribution of life-saving medical and surgical supplies
  • 500 daily meals for doctors and nurses 
  • 500 daily meals to displaced families
  • 50 tenets to displaced families
  • 100 meters of carpet for displaced families
  • 200 mattresses to displaced families
  • Providing and distributing infant formula and essential newborn supplies
  • Providing and distributing winter clothing for displaced children
  • Distribution of 318 food baskets to displaced families
  • Distribution of 318 hygiene kits to displaced families
  • Distribution of 9000 hot meals throughout the holy month of Ramadan
  • Distribution of 3180 hot meals to 106 doctors in 8 medical centers across the entire Gaza Strip
  • Distribution of 336,000 liters of fresh water to 8 medical centers across the entire Gaza Strip

We continuously assess the situation in Gaza, adapting our response to align with evolving needs, changing circumstances, and the availability of resources.