Make it Warm
Winter Relief Response
OUR RESPONSE in Northwestern Syria & Lebanon

Your donation will contribute to protecting and warming the homes and hearts of the entire affected community. Your support will enable us to restore homes, strengthen infrastructure, distribute heating equipment, and deploy rescue teams to open snow-blocked roads. Together, we can make a significant impact and provide a lifeline to those in desperate need during the unforgiving winter months.

How You Can Help:

  • $50 – Winter Food Basket for 1 Family: Your donation can provide a family with a crucial winter food basket.
  •  $100 – Fuel for Winter for 1 Family: Provide a family with the warmth they desperately need during the winter.
  • $300 – Shelter Rehabilitation: Help us repair and reinforce the homes of vulnerable families, ensuring they have a safe and secure place to stay during the harsh winter months.
  • $500 – Emergency Assistance for Winter: Your donation will go towards emergency assistance, providing immediate relief to families facing the most pressing challenges during winter. This can include the distribution of essential supplies, medical aid, and other critical support to ensure their well-being.