Stand with Libya: Emergency Aid for Floods Survivors
Stand with Libya: Emergency Aid for Floods Survivors
Make a Tangible Difference!

A Powerful Storm Has Triggered Devastating Flooding In Libya. At Least 11,300 People Have Lost Their Lives So Far, With Fears That The Death Toll Will Reach 20,000.

Thousands of people are missing, and the country is in a state of extreme emergency. At least 1500 homes have been destroyed so far, leaving many families highly vulnerable.

How We Will Help?

We are committed to providing immediate assistance to those affected by the Floods. Our goals include offering emergency shelter to those sleeping on the streets, fearing aftershocks, and ensuring their safety. Additionally, we aim to address the pressing needs of displaced individuals, providing them with essential supplies such as food and water.

Supply Life-Saving Aid (Emergency Kit)-50$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Food Basket)-100$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Shelter)-500$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Emergency Kit)50$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Food Basket)100$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Shelter)500$