Stand with Morocco: Emergency Aid for Earthquake Survivors
Stand with Morocco: Emergency Aid for Earthquake Survivors
Make a Tangible Difference!

A powerful earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale has ravaged Morocco, resulting in widespread destruction. Remote villages near the Atlas Mountains, located 50 miles south of Marrakech, have been particularly affected. The death toll continues to rise, leaving countless families homeless, hungry, and in urgent need of medical care
Join us in providing critical assistance to the survivors of a devastating earthquake in Morocco. The situation is dire, and your support can make a significant impact.

How We Will Help?

We are committed to providing immediate assistance to those affected by the earthquake. Our goals include offering emergency shelter to those sleeping on the streets, fearing aftershocks, and ensuring their safety. Additionally, we aim to address the pressing needs of displaced individuals, providing them with essential supplies such as food and water.

Supply Life-Saving Aid (Emergency Kit)-50$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Food Basket)-100$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Shelter)-500$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Emergency Kit)50$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Food Basket)100$
Supply Life-Saving Aid (Shelter)500$