Due to the catastrophe that struck Lebanon on Tuesday the 4th of August, 2020, International Humanitarian Relief Organization “IHR” is launching the #Peace _for_Beirut campaign.
What we know for now is that this tragedy has claimed more than 110 victims and left over 3000 wounded. There are still many people missing and the number of deaths and casualties is still rising. Lebanon is in an emergency state – working day and night on removing the rubble caused by the explosion, and dealing with physical damage to property, institutions, infrastructure, homes, shops, vehicles and more.
Peace_for_Beirut is an emergency humanitarian campaign launched as a response to the difficult humanitarian situation that Beirut is undergoing. We aim to meet the needs of the affected residents and families particularly in Beirut. We aim to intervene urgently and to alleviate the effects of this tragedy and contribute to the emergency response plan which all humanitarian institutions and activists are currently working on collectively.
Through this campaign IHR aims to contribute and provide support to the affected families in the following manner:
1- Support for the rehabilitation of shops and homes of the most affected families ($ 500 ~ $ 1000)
2- Unrestricted general financial support to the affected families ($ 200 ~ $ 350).
3- Support for restarting affected small professions (2000 $ ~ 3500 $).
You can help and support Beirut and its people in these difficult times too, any donation is helpful and appreciated.
Donation Value:
• Bronze share $ 10
• Silver share $ 50
• Gold share $ 100
• Donate to rehabilitate a house or shop “$ 500”
• Donate to rehabilitate a house or shop “$ 1,000”
• Donation of unrestricted general financial support for affected families “$ 200”.
• Donation of unrestricted general financial support to affected families “$ 350”.
• Donation to restarting affected small professions “$ 2,000”.
• Donation to restarting affected small professions “$ 3500”.
Contribute with us by donating to the following accounts:
IHR_USA Website: https://ihrusa.org/donate/
PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PQ2CERB7RC8QE&source=url
Bank accounts:
Vienna Account
Bank name: OBERBANK AG
IBAN: AT971515000501273536
Bank name: Ziraat Katilim Bankasi
IBAN: TR770020900000226461000002
Account number: 322306058
For more information, please contact us via WhatsApp at the following number:
+96178838804 Beirut, Lebanon