We are building a sustainable village for earthquake victims in Syria
Housing for 500 families
  • Dedicated to those in Need: Enduring 12 years of conflict, displacements, and earthquake aftermath, Syrians have suffered immensely.
  • Sustainable: We’re now focused on sustainable solutions to help hundreds of Syrian families imagine a brighter future. This means enabling work, learning, and community development.
  • Safe: To achieve this, the first crucial step is providing safe housing – a basic need that sets the stage for progress.
  • Small income-generating projects: The residents of the village will be provided with various job opportunities within different sectors that will guarantee them their daily sustenance and will have the chance to build their future and the future of their children.
  • 500 Homes: In Northwestern Syria’s Akhtarin, Hayat Village is the only earthquake-resistant village built to international standards.