Supporting Lives, One Meal at a Time
Nutrition Aid for the People of Gaza
Immediate Relief Needed

Weeks has passed since the start of the aggression on Gaza in Palestine, which have led to the deaths of thousands of people and thousands more are injured, and families are in dire need of support. Hospitals, mosques, water sources, and homes have been mercilessly targeted, leaving entire communities in ruins. The escalating situation in Gaza is leading families to face daily struggles in accessing food.

Our team in the Gaza strip is on a mission to provide food aid to the displaced families in Gaza. Your support is crucial in making a minor difference in the harsh conditions they are facing.

Join us in providing essential food aid to the displaced families in Palestine.

Our Response
  1. Family Food Baskets: A comprehensive package to sustain an entire family.
  2. Hot Meal for a Family: Provide warmth and nourishment to a family in need by through hot and sufficient meals.
  3. Warm Clothes for Children: Help keep the little ones warm this winter
  4. Fully Furnished Tent: 4Mx4M Tent furnished with floor moquette and floor mattresses for a family of 5 people.


This Humanitarian Response is

Vector Smart Object1
Winter Clothes for 1 Child12$
Hot Meal for 1 Family15$
Family Food basket35$
Fully Furnished Tent for 1 Family of 5 People400$
Your contribution isn't just a donation, it's a message of hope.