Emergency Response: Aid for Northwest Syria
Together, we can alleviate their suffering and bring them the support they desperately need.
The Dire Situation in Northwest Syria: Urgent Relief Needed!

Northwestern Syria, especially the city of Idlib is currently under an intensive bombardment, causing immense suffering to its 3 million residents. Residential neighborhoods, schools, and medical facilities have been targeted, resulting in numerous casualties, especially among children and women. Homes have been destroyed, leaving families without shelter, and forced to sleep in the open. Their living and health conditions rapidly deteriorate, demanding urgent relief to alleviate their suffering.

Join our Emergency Response Efforts in Northwestern Syria!
We aim to provide crucial relief to the people of Northwestern Syria. Our focus is on delivering emergency aid, includING:
  • Emergence Food baskets.
  • Emergency Hygiene Kit.
  • Emergence Shelter Kits.
  • Immediate financial assistance to affected families.